Feedback from Carers Groups about how the Group Grant has made a difference

Group Grants for Mental Health Carers Groups: Dereham, Diss and Norwich

Because of the constant demands and responsibilities of the caring role, Carers are invariably pleased when they can enjoy something being done for them for a change.

The group grants have made it possible to hire venues for regular meetings to provide peer support which has been invaluable. This has been particularly important with the intense pressure on and difficulty in accessing effective mental health services. During lockdown the grants also made it possible to continue this support through Zoom meetings.

Theatre trips, lunches and visits have been particularly effective in providing Carers with some light relief. Most recently the Norwich group had a lunch at the Debut restaurant and the Diss group were able to visit the Young Picasso exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre.

Aspergers East Anglia Carers Group

‘The grant enabled the charity to purchase a zoom account for 12 months and some postage stamps to be able to send information and copies of benefit applications to Carers. The zoom meetings have been really successful and well received by the Carers we support some of who have been extremely isolated during and since the lock downs. The Zoom facility has enabled us to reach out to people in remote places across the county including people who have not accessed our services previously. We  resumed our monthly  face to face meetings in Norwich at the beginning of the year and due to the positive impact the zoom meetings have had allowing those in remote places to connect with others we will continue to also hold them once a month giving our carers the opportunity to meet twice a month if they wish.’