You have spoken and we have listened……..


Unpaid Carers have told us that they wish to be identified as Carers, in a healthcare setting. In order to help support this, Carers Voice have co-produced a Carers Identity Passport, to ensure Carers are recognised and can get the help and support they require. The Carers Identity Passport is for all age Carers, including Young Carers and Parent Carers in Norfolk and Waveney. 

You can request either a digital and/or physical Carers Identity Passport. The digital version is an image you can download onto your phone, whereas the physical Carers Identity Passport takes the form of a card and lanyard that can be worn. Click here for a list of Carers Identity Passport FAQS

Please also consider signing up to become a Carers Voice Member, for FREE! Please click here to find out what benefits you will receive and to sign up. Please email if you have any questions.

To apply for the Carers Identity Passport please click below. If you need support to complete the online form, please call 07932 095312