11th June 2024

Carers Voice celebrates overwhelming interest in Carers Identity Passports.

This ‘Carers Week’, Carers Voice will reach 3500 Carers Identity Passports issued to Carers in Norfolk & Waveney!

Unpaid Carers are now able to be recognised and are included in conversations about the health and wellbeing of the person they care for.  The demand for the Carers Identity Passport has been nothing short of extraordinary, with 3,500 Carers in Norfolk and Waveney applying. This overwhelming response underscores the urgent need for such a resource, demonstrating the significance of recognising and supporting the vital role played by unpaid Carers.

The success of the initiative and the co-production of the project has achieved national acclaim with Carers Voice invited to speak about the Carers Identity Passport at both the NHS National Commitment to Carers Conference and at the Carers UK National Conference showcasing the positive impact and potential for replication on a broader scale.

Carers Voice Norfolk and Waveney, working together with Carers, NHS Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care Board and practitioners across health and social care, marked Carers Rights Day on 24th November 2022 with the launch of the Carers Identity Passport. This innovative project aims to address the expressed needs of unpaid Carers of all ages in Norfolk and Waveney who seek recognition and support within healthcare settings.

The Carers Identity Passport, available in both digital and physical formats, is a tangible outcome of collaborative working. The initiative is designed to ensure Carers are recognised, valued and respected in their caring role in healthcare settings across Norfolk and Waveney. It is for identification purposes only and it enables conversations to be started so Carers, the people they care for, and staff, work together as a team.

Ros, Carers Identity Passport recipient shared: “I originally ordered my Carers Identity Passport because I care for my husband who lives with Alzheimer’s disease but I am also able to support friends and others at hospital or other professional visits. The Passport is recognised and I am valued and able to be included in those discussions, if needed, without question. The Passport affords me respect, recognition and allows me to offer valuable support.”

Sharon Brooks, CEO of Carers Voice shared: “We are thrilled that 3500 Carers have applied for the Carers Identity Passport. It is an extremely positive start to our continued commitment to ensure Carers in Norfolk and Waveney are recognised, valued and respected for the exceptional work they do.”

Carers Voice Norfolk and Waveney remains committed to ensuring that the voice of Carers is heard and listened to. This partnership working is important to improving the health and wellbeing of all Carers in Norfolk and Waveney

To request a Carers Identity Passport for free, Carers can visit carersvoice.org/carers-identity-passport or call 07932 095312